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Our Core Values 2018

"Smart Coffeeshop Retail, Extra Ordinary Innovation & Emotional Relationship Goals - Commodity Supplier & Export, Creative Merchant"

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de Ngokow Coffee Indonesia International

since 2012
"Stories in every cup..."

de Ngokow Coffee Indonesia International is a culinary brand from Indonesia's coffee industry with the concept of One Stop Retail Coffeeshop since 2012. Processing products from A to Z to maintain consistency of quality and efficiency, de Ngokow which now consists of 3 + 1 divisions ie Coffeeshop , Commodity, Creative Merchant and a special division of innovation research and development, Tree Build. de Ngokow present to be a solution for those who need something different experience in enjoying coffee and caffein, especially provide a conducive and creative working environment for freelancers in suburban area to release stressed out. Extraordinary Innovation is one of our work culture also makes something different in providing experience in enjoying a cup of coffee. With Vision & Mission to be the best and most innovative retail industry in the world, as well as Inti Program de Ngokow Emotional Project, supported by a working culture named de Ngokow IDENTITTAS and de Ngokow 20 years later project will make every step that run de Ngokow will be targeted with neat, dynamic and Innovative according to existing developments to reach 30% world market share.

  • Coffee Bean

    Kopi Asli dan Terbaik dari berbagai penjuru Indonesia dan dunia.

  • Award

    Food Startup Indonesia 2018, 1st Winner V60 Manual Brewing Competition FKI 2017, Finalis Danamon Entrepreneur Award 2017, The Best Franchise Start Up Award 2017, Finalis Nasional The Bigstart Indonesia 2016, Wakil Jakarta di Tingkat Nasional Wirausaha Muda Indonesia - Kemenpora 2014 & Finalis Regional Wirausaha Muda Mandiri 2014.

  • Registered

    Atase Perdagangan Belanda, Google Business in Malaysia, Indonesian Goverment, etc.

  • Our Partnership & Supported by

    PRANKFOOD Easy Eat Factory, Bank BNI, Tcash Telkomsel, Indosat Paypro, Grabfood Indonesia, Gojek Gofood Indonesia, Netherland GO Indonesia - - Griya Gold Makara - Creative Youth Care Global Network -Bank Mandiri - Indonesia Government - Serta beberapa online store besar di Asia maupun Dunia dan partner lainnya.

Our Greatest Team

Best regard from us...

Fariecha Hady

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

RM Jerfarizky DSK

Administration & Legal Council Director

Raniah Alaydrus

Chief Marketing Officer

Almas Hilman Muhtadi

Unit Manager of Commodity

Faizal Firdaus

Unit Manager of Coffeeshop

Kie Zen Lim

Marketing Executive Europe Region (den Haag, Netherland Office)


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Headquarter - de Ngokow Coffee Club & Roastery : Jl. Timbul Raya No.61, Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta / Europe Region Headquarter : Hartzstraat 132, 2273KE Voorbrug, Netherland, +31(0)652639753 / Warehouse 1 : Kampung Padi, Dago, Bandung, Jawa Barat / Warehouse 2 : H.Kain, Kab, Bogor, Jawa Barat /
+62 877 821 764 89 / +31(0)652639753